who doesnt drink and drive and insists on their passengers using seat belts

Automobiles The argument between men and women about who is the better driver never seems to die. Female drivers are often criticised for their cautious driving and bad parking and male drivers are frequently accused of impatience and recklessness. Statistically a married woman over 25 is less likely to have an accident than a single 18 year old male, according to car insurance companies. A male driving a Jaguar in Hampshire is deemed a bigger insurance risk than their female counterpart. But do these criteria really provide a true representation of what makes a good driver? Boasting a clean licence and clear accident record do not automatically earn you a gold star. Its not unusual for all the good practices, mastered as a learner, to be replaced by bad habits as soon as the driving licence is in the bag. Parking an inch to far from the curb or letting the wheel run through your hands might not make you a bad driver, but there are basic driving principles that good drivers stick by. Using mirrors, correct signalling and common sense being some of them. Of course you cannot affect other drivers behaviour, but if you want to avoid that accident repair centre in Southampton make sure youre observing the rules of the road, dont undertake and keep a comfortable stopping distance. No doubt that with experience comes confidence, which is not to be confused with over confidence! A confident driver knows the rules of the road and always makes sensible decisions ,minimizing the risk to passengers and other drivers. It is easy to become complacent to the risks and impatient with other drivers. Anticipate & React A good driver is able to anticipate situations and react accordingly, as well as show consideration for other road users and tolerance for their mistakes. A bad driver loses concentration easily, is slow to react, impatient with other drivers and uses the horn in aggression! Whilst there are personal characteristics that make a good driver, a driver that obeys the law ranks highly on the good driver scale. Dodging speeding fines and not being caught on your mobile makes you lucky, not a good driver. It goes without saying that a responsible driver, who doesnt drink and drive and insists on their passengers using seat belts, is a good driver. Ultimately a good driver is a safe driver. Although over cautiousness can make road users a hazard well placed confidence, quick judgement and patience is key to earning the title of good driver. There are many reasons why a drivers judgement might be impaired and reaction times altered, these include being stressed, tired, angry or distracted by other things. A good driver knows when to follow road safety advice and take a break. About the Author:

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Yoga Poses From Tools – Aym Yoga School By: aymindia | Apr 4th 2016 – Association for Yoga and Meditation has devised a comprehensive Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hours, 300 Hours 500 Hours Residential, orthodox Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India. Tags: Now Explore Your Yoga Training By: anila momin | Jun 1st 2013 – yogayug become the best choice for many people because of the many advantages that waking up of a brain which can be unengaged to adapt to its very own nature, and provides rise to a thoughts which can be peaceful in addition to distinct, and a body which can be wholesome in addition to powerful in addition to inventive in … Tags:

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Going Through Problems With Your Roof? Try Out These Suggestions! By: Jade Osman | Mar 14th 2016 – Metal Roofing Costs By: Forest Bolling | Jan 4th 2016 – Next time the sunlight is shinning, go into your attic with the shades pulled and the lights off. With out a roof deck installed on your house, there would be nowhere to set up your Shingles. They’re more appealing and also go longer. My blog: Richmond Hill Commercial Roofers Tags: Products And Ceramics By: Larae Spurgeon | Sep 8th 2015 – Then our hypothetical ratio value will become (.752 +1) which is equal to 1.5625. (check!). There are two methods of handling flat roof repair. You can install normal shingles for the main roof. Also visit my site – roofing supply Tags:

Irrespective of age everyone should think of rejuvenating his or her career in the corporate world. Globalised Business environment demands knowledge and exposure to International business knowledge

Irrespective of age everyone should think of rejuvenating his or her career in the corporate world. Globalised Business environment demands knowledge and exposure to International business knowledge, cultures and business practices. Jaro Education is committed to meet this need of the working professional by offering International programs and that too at the convenience of learning anytime anywhere. Jaro Education in collaboration with Europes leading business school United Business Institute (UBI),Belgium has introduced International MBA and Executive International MBA programs to suit requirements of working professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives and others wanting to pursue a global career. Q1.How International MBA (1 year) would help me to get a fast career growth? An International MBA program is designed to provide you knowledge of domestic as well as international management subjects, insight in international business culture and environment which would give confidence to secure a good managerial job in India as well as overseas. We offer lectures from senior industry experts who share their industry experiences which is essential in todays ever growing and fast changing business environment. During guest lectures students get business knowledge from CEOs, V.Ps. / G.M.s and an opportunity to interact with executives from different industries, functions and having diverse background and profession. Q2.How is an International Executive MBA (nine months’ duration) better for working professionals? International Executive MBA is designed for working executives, businessmen, housewives etc for careers of increased responsibility with focus on international relations and business strategies. Working executives are trained to work in domestic and international markets. These factors help them for international jobs and career. Q3.Does UBI has any accreditations? Yes, UBI and Jaro Education have multiple accreditations from authorities like a.European Association for International Education (EAIE) b.United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) c.United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS-UK ) & other bodies Q4.How is your International MBA program different from other programs? Globally accepted MBA Degree Awarded by UBI, Belgium, Europe, which is recognized worldwide Affordable Fees – Fees Rs 45,000/- for International MBA (one Year Duration) inclusive of online lectures with installments or bank loan facility. For weekend lectures extra fees is Rs 12000/- Online lectures & examination – Provides flexibility & better time utilization since exams are held on Sundays or holidays Fast Career Growth Developed specially for students / working professionals to enhance their managerial skills and capabilities to ensure fast career growth Virtual classroom Facilities Students / working executives can attend live or recorded lectures at their convenient time and location Learning methods – Books, Virtual lectures, online discussions Global Understanding To ensure success in the competitive global environment, the curriculum includes subjects commonly taught in Global Universities/ Institutes. Faculties – The members of the teaching faculty have distinguished academic achievements and work experience and are actively involved in teaching at top B-schools Weekend lectures and Doubt Clearing Sessions – For better learning and understanding of management concepts, Personal Contact Programs (PCP) are provided on weekends for the students enrolled for the same. Before the exams students can clarify their doubts through online interaction with the faculty Job Opportunity The program would also help its students to identify international job opportunities and access to potential local & global markets. Q5.Can I afford Distance Learning International MBA course? Yes, the fees are economical. Fee for International MBA (one Year Duration) is Rs 45,000/- and for International Executive MBA (9 Months Duration) is Rs 43,000 /- (Inclusive of online lectures), for weekend lectures extra fees of Rs12, 000 /- Contact: Ms. Ranjita-GM, Jaro Education (O) 022 61154306, M- 09930363985

these laws defend eighteen characteristics of a person. These incorporate but not limited to age

Legal One of the most critical issues taking place in great and bustling cities like New York is discrimination. When it comes to employment, the law doesn’t approve any unjust or unfavorable treatment because of a person’s characteristics. In fact, the law protects the legal rights of these individuals. In the fight against discrimination, these laws defend eighteen characteristics of a person. These incorporate but not limited to age, race, gender, religious beliefs, and disability. Employees who experienced discrimination at work often think twice to file a lawsuit. Uncertainty if their complaints have grounds and the chance of retaliation are two popular reasons why they are scared to file a case. Notwithstanding of the kind of discrimination, whether it’s a direct or indirect one, a discrimination attorney can quickly identify it. The lawyer will figure out if the case of the client is qualified for litigation by assessing the case first. Remember that starting with recruitment to termination is where the protection against discrimination applies. Consulting the legal services of a discrimination attorney NYC will be a big help because laws may vary in every state. Through this, one can guarantee that they are great at using these laws in winning their client’s case. Understanding the legal process is difficult in nature. A plaintiff has to deal with a lot of paperworks. The lawyers of your employers are very keen with the words that a complainant will use because they can make use of these to their advantage. After being in the industry for many years, knowledgeable discrimination lawyers have pinpointed the words that client should and should not use. To assure that your case will stay strong, they’ll lead you in every step that you will take. An evaluation of the weaknesses and strengths of the case will be undertaken by the Discrimination lawyers NYC. With this, greater chance of winning the case is assured. They also see to it that the right settlement is given to their clients. Speaking with a lawyer at once is the very best thing that can be done. Normally, discrimination claim will carry on from months or years before it will be completed; so filing as soon as possible is necessary. Moreover, you shouldn’t wait until 300 days to file for a discrimination case. Filing a claim near the end of the statute of limitation is not a practical action. Majority of the discrimination attorneys have their own website so clients can easily reach them. Finding these lawyers is simple, but determining which one could provide outstanding legal services needs a little precaution. Licensed NYC discrimination lawyers with a few years of experience in dealing with employment related cases are the best choice. See whether a particular attorney has acquired a good reputation before hiring one. Choose attorneys who already won several discrimination cases simply because they are more likely to succeed in winning the lawsuit for their clients. Men and women should also interview the discrimination lawyer they are planning to hire personally. This is an opportunity to assess if the lawyer has the passion to fight for their client’s rights. The primary discussion with attorney is also the time to discuss other necessary matters like the lawyer fee and other expenses associated with the legal process. One small fault and a strong discrimination case will fall apart. No one should be maltreated and so discrimination should be prevented. If there is a NYC discrimination lawyer who is helping you, your case will surely succeed. About the Author: New York Discrimination Lawyer making you to get all the needed details. Nonetheless, the important thing is make sure that you know how to handle it the moment your needed details are already right there within your hands. In case you have doubts regarding the subject, then don’t be shy and ask somebody you trust. Don’t ever allow something small get in your way. Well, the website that is proven effective in giving you the information that you require is the http://www.discriminationlawyers.nyc/. Article Published On:

collectively it will eventually produce a significant improvement to the plight of the humble bee. About the Author

Home-and-Family In recent years the bee population has been in decline which has become a very serious situation. Can you imagine a world without bees? Bees have a very important job to do to allow the human race to continue. It has been stated that without the bee the human race would probably not last for more than a decade, due to the fact that they in no small part, help to pollinate crops of fruit and vegetables not to mention our garden flowers. Some species of bee have such a close relationship with certain plants that without them the plants would most probably disappear from our countryside for ever. Therefore for the human race to survive we must do more to save the humble bee. Bees have sustained significant declines through recent years due to the impact of intensive farming. Since the Second World War their habitat has fast been eroded by intensive farming and pollution from the increased use of pesticides. Other factors have had their effect on the bee, like the cooler wet summers and inbreeding which has reduced the bee’s genetic diversity. Another major problem has been the parasite known as the Varroa mite which weakens the bees immune system, which in turn leaves the bees open to attack from other diseases. When a colony becomes contaminated by way of the mite and it is left untreated it is likely that the colony will probably perish in just a short period of time. If that was not enough in 2006 it was being reported that a strange thing was happening to bee colonies in the United States; the hives were being abandoned almost overnight. This was to be known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This then spread to Europe and the UK with devastating results. Reasons for CCD have been suggested, like parasites and viruses, but even with large sums of money being spent to ascertain the cause the answer has yet to be found. Yet another problem is likely to affect the bees, a problem that is unknown at present like the effects of GM crops and the extreme changes to weather conditions that may be a result of climate change. We can all do things to make a difference. We need to throw away garden pesticides and start growing plants which have nectar-rich flowers. We can use organic fruit and vegetables and if able install bee hives in gardens and learn how to look after the bees. They are going to repay your care and attention by manufacturing honey and wax as well as pollinating your flowers and vegetables. You will possibly not feel that these kind of comparatively basic actions can undoubtedly help to make a positive change to the plight of the bee, but when all of us take action, however modest, collectively it will eventually produce a significant improvement to the plight of the humble bee. About the Author:

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How To Generate Your Online Money Machine By: P. Rodgers | Jan 19th 2009 – One of the quickest and fastest ways to build multiple page Adsense Niche Websites is by using HyperVRE. The software is a product that also creates seo optimized AdSense sites without having any advanced web design skills and is extremely useful for you. HyperVRE has easy to follow video tutorials and instructions that wor … Tags:

Behind each and every network marketing opportunity is the promise of earning a long-term residual income by creating a sizable team of distributors. From this team you

Business If you are thinking about beginning your personal ACN Multi Level Marketing business then take a few minutes to read this article as you are going to find it valuable. Starting your own home business could possibly be just what you and your family need to finally take control of your time and finances. But if done incorrectly it could also be a full waste time, energy and cash. So what exactly are those things that tends to make such a difference? What do you need to know to guarantee you may make a considerable income using the ACN multilevel marketing model. Let’s take a closer look. An Evaluation of the Company The ACN business model is not totally distinct from other network marketing systems. The company delivers a wide range of well-liked consumable products that the majority of ordinary people use each day. All you have to do earn commissions is promote these products to people you know and others you identify as wanting or are in need of them. To build a strong business you will want to go on and recruit a team of other people from whose sales you will also earn commissions. As a company the ACN multi level marketing business is doing very nicely. ACN (American Communication Network) sells internet services, telecommunications services, wireless, and utilities. It is also rated in the list of the top 20 direct marketing companies in the United states by the Direct Promoting Association. ACN was founded in 1992 by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano and two twin brothers Mike and Tony Cupisz. The network marketing side of the business was officially launched in 1993 with 20 founding front line distributors. It has because grown to serve 23 countries ranging from North America, Europe, Asia along with the Pacific. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this business opportunity is appropriate for you. The Business Plan Revealed Even if you only realize the basic fundamentals of business you understand that in order to get a business to make money, they should sell products. In order for an independent distributor to earn income and make a living you will have to do exactly the same sell products. Have you thought about how you will go about promoting ACNs particularly specialized menu of services? Keep in mind, in order to create an excellent living you are going to need to sell a lot of them! Behind each and every network marketing opportunity is the promise of earning a long-term residual income by creating a sizable team of distributors. From this team you, will earn a little commission off of their time and work. The concept is that each team member will do a bit of work which will altogether add up as a large volume of sales. This sounds excellent in theory, nevertheless, does this realistically happen? Promoting your Opportunity Most people who get involved in MLM do not make their initial investment back. The reason for this is not because the business, services or compensation plans are flawed. The main reason is not obtaining the sales or marketing training to effectively promote and convert to sales. This lack of training can hold you back because simply put MLM (multi level marketing) is really a direct marketing business. To combat this problem once you join MLM companies advise you to make a list of all the people you know – family, friends, co-workers,associates, colleagues, etc. You will then need to contact the people on your list to introduce the products, services and business opportunity. This tends to make sense. But what occurs once you run out of the people on your list? Now what? Learning the best way to market properly and effectively may be the crucial to creating a lucrative ACN multi level marketing business. When burn through your list of family friends and colleagues you need to have a plan in place to consistently obtain new people to introduce your business to. Not planning to do this can cause failure in your business and shattering your dreams. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. About the Author:


Religion St. Bede the Venerable lived during the end of the seventh century into the beginning of the eighth century. He is considered the first English Church historian. His religious life began at the age of seven when he was sent to live in the monastery of Saint Peter in Northumbria. He became known as "The Father of English History" after writing his most famous work, "Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum", translated, "The Ecclesiastical History of the English People". St. Bede the Venerable is also well known for his many poems, prose, hymns, historical pieces, sermons, commentaries, and translations of the Scriptures. The feast of St. Bede the Venerable is celebrated on May 27. St. Bede the Venerable Tomb St. Bede the Venerable died on May 27,735 near Newcastle, England. He was buried in Jarrow at the St. Paul monastery but was moved in 1022 to Durham where he was entombed next to St. Cuthbert. St. Bede’s body was moved again in 1370 to the Galilee Chapel in a beautiful shrine. Although the shrine was destroyed in 1540, the bones of St. Bede remain buried there. A tombstone was erected over St. Bede the Venerable’s grave in 1831. On the limestone gravestone, the words written by St. Bede himself are inscribed: "Christ is the morning star Who when the night Of this world is past Brings to his saints The promise of The light of life & opens everlasting day." St. Bede the Venerable Prayer Heavenly Father, who called your servant Bede, while still a child, to devote his life to your service in the disciplines of religion and scholarship: Grant that as he labored in the Spirit to bring the riches of your truth to his generation, so we, in our various vocations, may strive to make you known in all the world; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Prayer Written by St. Bede the Venerable The gate of the kingdom must be asked for by praying, sought after by living properly, and knocked at by persevering. Many Christians today wear a St. Bede the Venerable pendant or a St. Bede the Venerable necklace and recite either a prayer to St. Bede or a prayer written by him. Wearing St. Bede the Venerable medal offers inspiration to read the Scriptures and persevere on the road to Jesus Christ. Copyright (c) 2011 Beverly Johnson About the Author:

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A barcode reader (barcode scanner), also called a price scanner or point-of-sale (POS) scanner, is a hand-held or stationary input device used to capture and read information contained in a bar code. A barcode reader consists of a scanner, a decoder (either built-in or external), and a cable used to connect the reader with a computer. There are five basic kinds of barcode readers each with its own unique advantage. Those are Pen wands, Slot Scanners, Charge-Couple Device (CCD) Scanners, Image Scanners, and Laser Scanners. A Pen Wand is a simple barcode reader which is known for its durability and low cost; does not contain any moving parts. It has to remain in direct contact with the bar code at a certain angle. A Slot Scanner remains stationary and the item with the bar code on it is pulled by hand through the slot. Slot scanners are typically used to scan bar codes on identification cards. A CCD Scanner often used in retail sales has a better read-range than the pen wand. A disadvantage of the CCD scanner is that it cannot read a bar code that is wider than its input face. An Image Scanner, also called as Camera reader, uses a small video camera to capture the image of the bar code and then uses sophisticated digital image processing techniques to decode the bar code. A Laser Scanner, either hand-held or stationary, does not have to be close to the bar code in order to do its job and can easily read a bar code up to 24 inches away. A laser scanning may perform up to 500 scans per second to reduce the possibility of errors. Advantages of Barcodes: – Barcode scanning systems provide an array of benefits, including operational efficiency, better customer service, and improved visibility of key business information to management. A bar code label of twelve characters can be wanded in approximately the time it takes a keyboard operator to make two keystrokes. Accuracy: For every 1,000 characters typed by a keyboard operator, there are an average of ten keying errors. For an Optical Character Reader (OCR), there is one error in every 10,000 reads. With wands, barcode systems approach one error in every 3,000,000 characters, and with laser technology, they approach one error in 70 million entries. Data Integrity: When all the products or item data is Barcode scanned, it is free of human errors when data is entered. Barcode scanners works as a designed user interface that prevent the input of invalid data. Probable number of substitution errors per 3,400,000 characters Data Entry Meth — Errors Keyboard Entry — 10,000 OCR Scanning — 300 Barcode scanning(Code 39) — 1 Ease of Implementation: Operators of bar code scanners can learn to use the equipment effectively in less than 15 minutes. System costs are lower than other means of data entry because of the existence of interfacing hardware and software. Cost Effectiveness: Barcode systems have a demonstrated payback period of six to eighteen months, and they provide the highest level of reliability in a wide variety of data collection applications. Barcode systems create value not only by saving time, but also by preventing costly errors. Information is the most valuable asset for any organization. Every organization should protect its operations data with reliable data management by ensuring data accuracy and availability. Barcode Scanners equipment helps firms in maintaining accurate supply chain and operations data management. About the Author: The Toshiba Tec B-ex4d2 – One Of The Most Exciting Industrial Printers. By: sinuse – Toshiba TEC is one of the well known leading electronic giant and farmed for it’s innovative technology worldwide. They have so many innovative electronic products but Toshiba TEC B-EX4D2 is the best Thermal Printer for industrial use and how it’s special for industrial purpose? Tags: What Is Laptop Radiation And How You Can Protect Yourself By: Stam Bett – Laptop radiation is a major concern as it can lead to a lot of health issues. You will be surprised to know that there are certain cases in which laptop radiation has led to infertility in men. Tags: Why Should Companies Opt For Storage Servers? By: Katharina Smith – For those who are looking for highly effective and efficient servers for storage purposes, they should go for the storage servers. These types of servers are attached to the network and can be used by multiple client computers on the same network. Such servers are usually designed for s … Tags: Every Organization Should Keep Good Data Storage Server By: Katharina Smith – There is absolutely no denying that the storage server gives innumerable benefits to the businesses. This is the reason why every organization should keep the good data storage server. The storage servers today are highly effective and efficient. Data management is no easy thing for any … Tags: Types, Features And Advantages Of Ruggedized Portable Computer By: Larry Chou – It is true that when best technologies are used, it surely improves efficiency and accuracy for various businesses. Computers are being used in almost all industries whether warehousing, re-routing, airports, aircrafts etc. Tags: Why Your Business Needs The Power Of Portable Computer? By: Larry Chou – Imagine a computer that has been customized to create bills, invoices, lets you update your records as well as databases and handles all the tasks of your businesses, getting past the portability issues; yes they do exist and they make the services truly valuable. Tags: Understanding The Parameters Involved While Designing A Wire Harness By: Bruno Newman – A wire harness finds its applications in every field involving electrical circuits .Its design can be as simple as bundling of wires together or intricate designs involving interweaving of of wires into plugs. Other factors include the size, shape, color coding, safety ratings etc. Th … Tags: Ticket Issuing Machine: Benefiting Customers And Businesses Alike By: Rosario Berry – For any vendor serving several customers every day, ticketing is an important means of collecting funds in exchange for providing specified services. Tickets, according to The Free Dictionary, refers to any kind of paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitle … Tags: Could The Datamax-o’neil H-8308x Be The Heavy Duty Label Printer For You? By: sinuse – If you are looking for Heavy duty Printer for your business then Thermal Printer Services introduces Datamax-O’Neil H-8308X. So just check out why and how it would be your heavy duty printer for you. Tags: How To Overcome The Problem Of Poor Quality Prints From My Printer By: Paul Johnston – Get useful tips on how to get rid of poor quality prints by simply cleaning clogged, dry, blocked ink cartridge print heads Tags: