13Innovative experiments show that future gay men can have their own children (video)|Innovative experiments show that future gay men can have their own children (video)0

Innovative experiments show that future gay men can have their own children in a picture of a parthenogenetic embryo injection of sperm cells, scientists have shown that this new method can produce healthy offspring. According to the British Daily Mail reported that the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, British scientists conducted an innovative experiment, perhaps the future of male fertility can be their own children. The study shows that sperm and skin cells (or other non egg cells) can meet the conditions of pregnancy. Scientists acknowledge that male pregnancies are speculative and imaginative, but do not rule out the possibility. The egg can develop without fertilization, but the parthenogenetic embryo (parthenogenotes) will die in a few days. Scientists at the University of Bath have developed a new method to inject sperm into a mouse parthenogenetic embryo, and in most cases develop a healthy mouse. The study leader, Toni Perry of University of Bath molecular embryologists (Tony Perry) said: "this is the first time the complete formation of the embryo sperm injection of rat pups, before that only the egg cell capable of binding to sperm, and ultimately the formation of embryonic development." While the team was doing experiments on mice, it was able to produce healthy offspring, despite the normal fertilization and fertilization of eggs and sperm cells. Although the embryo is an egg cell in the experiment, the experiment will be conducted in the future. This means that the future will appear ethical problems, such as: gay men future can have their own children, a gay men can make their fertilization of sperm cells, his children eventually inherit their own and other people’s mixed gene. More realistic is that this technology can make those who had received radiation therapy or taking drugs to pregnant women to bring hope, let them have their own children. (yo) is homosexuality born?

43Get rid of the feudal ideology, to avoid postpartum depression – Sohu maternal and child|Get rid of the feudal ideology, to avoid postpartum depression – Sohu maternal and child0

Get rid of the feudal ideology, to avoid maternal postpartum depression – Sohu some parents think that their children will be born on the Everything will be fine. not knowing that this is just the beginning. Postpartum women will have a series of problems, one of the most well known is postpartum depression. If the concept of the family where the mother is very feudal, maternal concept will become feudal, suffering from postpartum depression, the greater the probability. So, how to get rid of the feudal ideology of women, the feudal family: some women’s own concept of feudal. If a boy is born, the whole family will be very happy. If it’s a girl, the whole family will be unhappy. Then we care for maternal and baby are relatively small, prone to depression. A: both boys and girls should be happy that the baby’s gender is not the mother of the master, the baby’s gender and the baby but has a direct relationship. Nowadays, social changes, even the daughter can be children, to filial piety. Therefore, women and families must not be born because the daughter is not happy. Do not have too much obsession with the birth of a child during pregnancy, the child’s sex should hold a indifferent attitude. Two: maternal yourself open-minded women need to do after the production of the month, will feel boring during the month, there is nothing to do, love more love make blind and disorderly conjectures, suspicion. Sometimes women would think that their parents are not satisfied with their children, not so happy. In fact, women during the month is very important, if your spirit is ill, his involvement! Three: the family to comfort women mothers after childbirth in the special period, and maternal family don’t go too much about something, should be more concerned about women. There is time to communicate and maternal. If you find a negative maternal mood, but also to remember the comfort of women. Four: do not criticize maternal women after childbirth, maternal heart are very fragile, he can not withstand the heart and physiology. At this point, if the family has a lot of dissatisfaction for mothers to criticize women will have a feeling that women worry about personal gains and losses, the mood will become low, easily irritable, more likely to get sick. Five: do not dispute women need a quiet environment to rest the body after delivery in women before, if the family often quarrel, women have no way to rest, mood disturbance, will lead to maternal depression situation. In addition, the family feudal ideology is serious, the rules of the house too much, if you take these rules to suppress maternal, maternal women will not be able to breathe, but not conducive to the rehabilitation of maternal body. Society in the continuous development and progress, the previous feudal ideology should also be abandoned, so that women in a relaxed environment to restore health at an early date.